Worry Wheels Anxiety Kit in Box
Worry Wheels Anxiety Kit in Box
Worry Wheels Anxiety Kit in Box

Worry Wheels Anxiety Kit in Box

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· 1 x physical effects of my anxiety
· 1 x why am I feeling anxious
· 1 x how can I manage my anxiety
· 1 x social effects of my anxiety
· 1 x facing fears poster
· 1 x cloud dry wipe board
· 1 x dry wipe pen
· 1 x what can I do when I feel worried fan
· 1 x telling someone you feel worried fan
· 1 x robust plastic storage box
This brand new resource uses spinner wheels to help explore worries and anxieties.
Many children and young people are affected by anxiety issues that have a profound effect on their behaviour and enjoyment of life. their worries can be linked to certain people, certain places or particular situation. the resulting anxiety can manifest itself with many physical effects as well as leading to poor self-esteem, poor concentration and isolation, which in turn affects friendships, school work and social activities.
This pack of resources aims to help parents, carers, teachers and professionals to wok through the causes and effects of anxiety to help children and young people to both think differently and act differently and thereby reduce the anxiety in their lives.
Use the wheels to explore worries and anxieties either individually or in small groups. Discuss the statements with the children and help them to recognise their worries and understand what to do about them.
Use the dry wipe cloud board to write down worries and anxieties or to write down solutions. The fans can be used at any time to remind children of the strategies you have discussed. Additionally use the blank petals on the ‘Telling someone you feel worried fan’ to write down specific strategies for an individual child or young person.