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Massage Roller, Elliptical Shape (small)

Massage Roller, Elliptical Shape (small)

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This small elliptical shaped massage roller has a spiked surface is designed for body massages, rehabilitation, fitness, yoga, hand therapy, foot therapy, relaxation therapy and sensory integration therapy. An excellent toy for children, especially for group activities. Special conical spikes stimulate sensory receptors and improve blood circulation.

Can be used for Rehabilitation after the injury, Stimulation of sensory receptors, Stimulation of blood circulation, Foot massages and Grip strength exercises. When lower back pain hits you, a massage and massage rollers can be very effective in relaxing the tensed muscles.

Size approximately 7cm

Ages 6+

Assorted colours - if you have a colour preference then please state this in the notes section when checking out or email us at: