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Hoodie chews
Hoodie chews

Hoodie chews

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Hoodie chews are made of soft, flexible silicone and are currently available in black or white.

Hoodie chews measure 11mm x 11mm x 40mm and come in a set of 3 with a replacement hoodie cord of the appropriate thickness. This makes 'installing' these chews possible with almost any hoodie, whether it has a string already or not!

Hoodie chews are a subtle way of meeting a person's need to chew, providing this necessary stimulation in a less obvious way to other chewy items. Hoodie chews blend in well with clothing and, as many people chew their hoodie strings, this behaviour goes pretty much unnoticed with these chews!

  • 100% Food grade silicone
  • BPA free
  • Metal and phthalates free
  • Non toxic
  • Heat resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made for mouthing and chewing
  • Soft and flexible
This item is not suitable for heavy biting, it is designed for mouthing, sucking or light chewing.
Only suitable for children aged 3+ (choking / strangulation hazard)
Please wash thoroughly before use and ensure the item is regularly washed.
Please inspect regularly for signs of wear and tear and remove from use if the item begins to show damage.