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Gelli Baff
Gelli Baff
Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff

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Take bath time fun to a whole new level with the original Gelli Baff!

Gelli Baff is a totally unique, fun, bathtime product that lets you turn water into goo and back again! By adding Gelli Baff powder to water, you create a thick colourful goo. By simply adding a second dissolving powder, the goo turns back to coloured water to be drained away safely and easily. A non-irritant, it's environmentally safe and stain-free with no harmful chemicals, making it 100% safe bath tub fun!

Skin safe, Stain free, Easy clean and drain safe. 

Single use.

Suitable for ages 3+

Available in red, blue, green or pink


  • 1 x 150 gram packet of Gelli Baff Powder
  • 1 x 150 gram packet of Dissolving Powder
  • 1 x instruction leaflet