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Emotions Behaviour and Consequence Kit in a Tin

Emotions Behaviour and Consequence Kit in a Tin

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A conversation starter kit supporting understanding of emotions, behaviour and consequence

The 40 questions are designed to help you understand how the child thinks and responds to different situations. They will help you to identify how you might help the child to manage their own emotions and behaviour appropriately.

The questions start simply, such as ‘What does this facial expression mean?’ then follow through with more in-depth questions such as ‘How do you how someone else is feeling?’ (giving an opportunity to talk about facial expression and actions associated to emotions).

The set progresses to talking about behaviour ‘What helps you calm down when you are feeling cross?‘ and ‘How can you tell someone how you are feeling?‘. These questions progress onto the last fan which looks at ‘What would happen if?‘ and deals with the consequences of behaviour so children can learn appropriate alternative actions.


  • 1 x Robust Storage Tin
  • 4 x Emotions, Behaviour and Consequence Question Fans,
  • 1 x Behaviour Fan
  • 1 x comprehensive ideas and instructions booklet.