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Ultimate Push Popper Set

Ultimate Push Popper Set

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This fabulous set is a must for any push popper fan! It contains nine different push poppers in various designs. These pads are covered in small bubbles that make a satisfying pop sound when pushed inwards. After one press, the bubble then appears on the other side, ready to be pushed and popped all over again. This fiddle toy is immensely satisfying to use, and is proving to be a big hit.

This set includes:

  • Jumbo Push Pop
  • Unicorn Tie Dye Push Pop
  • Rainbow Push Pop
  • Tie Dye Push Pop
  • Puzzle Push Pop
  • Lobster Push pop
  • Glow In The Dark Push Pop
  • Glitter Push Pop
  • Single Colour Push Pop

Please note colours and shapes may vary.