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Chewigem - Bubba Bag Bath
Chewigem - Bubba Bag Bath

Chewigem - Bubba Bag Bath

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Don’t like necklaces or bangles?

Try The Bubba Bag Bath!

The Blue Bubba Bath Bag is perfect for those people who don’t like wearing a necklace or bangle! It’s a pretty great product for even aggressive chewers and is perfect when paired with the chewipal, which allows it to be attached to buggies, wheelchairs, clothes and belt loops!

Inside you will find 4 sea like items. A cute seahorse, a star fish with bumps for sensory texture and stimulation, a shell and an adorable fish, all in bright eye catching colours.

Solving the need to chew, whether it be a child, teenager, or adult with any type of additional needs, this Chewigem product can be used as a wearable solution that soothes the natural need to chew providing a tactile experience. All products are made of 100% high quality medical grade silicone. They are non-toxic, lead, latex, BPA, PVC and phthalate free. 

  • 100% Food grade silicone
  • BPA free
  • Metal and phthalates free
  • Non toxic
  • Heat resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Made for mouthing and chewing
  • Soft and flexible 
    Please note regular checking for wear and tear is required and once seen the product should be replaced.