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Bullying fan – What can I do about being bullied?

Bullying fan – What can I do about being bullied?

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Help empower a child and build up their confidence in understanding strategies to stop bullying.

Children may have low self esteem and confidence when they have to face bullies. This fan is designed to a child to make their own decisions and stand up against bullying.

Ideas include:

  • I can tell an adult
  • I can stay near other people
  • I can ignore the bully
  • I can walk away
  • I can stand up straight and be confident. I am better than them
  • I can practice what I want to say
  • I can be nice the bully – They won’t expect you to do that
  • I can ask the bully why they behave like that
  • I can make a joke out of what they say
  • I can say ‘NO I’m not going to be bullied’

Fans are double laminated for extra strength and are 125mm tall by 45mm at their widest point.

This item is not a toy and should be used under supervision.