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Body Sock - Blue
Body Sock - Blue

Body Sock - Blue

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Body Socks provide proprioceptive input. The Body Sock provides deep pressure stimulation to the child's body, helping self regulation. Many children and adults with autism enjoy the squeeze feel these give. Body Socks are very tactile and provide a fantastic resistance, they are perfect for sensory activities and building spacial awareness. Body socks are an excellent addition to your child sensory diet. It helps to relieve the energy, stress and fight sensory overload. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Available in various sizes
  • Made with breathable lycra fabric for functional and durable use
  • Designed for full strength exercise- tight enough to promote the need for continuous stretching
  • Increases body awareness and builds muscle strength
  • Improves gross motor skills
  • Stimulates the tactile, vestibular and proprioceptive systems
  • Provides gentle joint compression that has a calming effect
  • Perfect for home, school and therapy sessions
  • The overhead piece allows full coverage
  • Involve neck and back muscles for full feedback to the nervous system
  • Great to hide away and sleep in
  • Durable design- stitched with flexible threads
  • No easy to break zippers


You should consider a few factors before purchasing the sock. How tight would you like it to be? The more exercise and impact you want to give to your body the tighter the sock should be. If it is for the recreational use go for the bigger size. If the user is above the average height, then perhaps the one size up will be more suitable? Should you not be sure, please contact, and we are happy to help.

Cleaning instructions 

  • Wash it at 40º C
  • Use delicate detergent
  • Do not tumble dry