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Aroma Play Dough - Sleepy
Aroma Play Dough - Sleepy

Aroma Play Dough - Sleepy

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Our Sleepy! AromaPlay dough is a beautiful sky blue dough containing pure Lavender essential oil, to help with quiet, restful play and encourage peaceful sleep.

We have also incorporated a little colour therapy into the dough, associating each with the appropriate essential oils for maximum benefit. Blue is cooling and calming.

Use creatively to get the maximum benefit. Take small pieces of the dough and roll in your hands into small round or oblong shapes and then place them together to form a snake shape, a flower, animals or anything you like!

This product is suitable for anyone 3 years of age or more. Contains wheat.

In a resealable pouch to keep your dough fresh and give easy access. A perfect gift for someone who needs encouraging to sit down and relax!