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9kg Weighted Blanket Large (150cm x 200cm) in Grey/Grey
9kg Weighted Blanket Large (150cm x 200cm) in Grey/Grey

9kg Weighted Blanket Large (150cm x 200cm) in Grey/Grey

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Weighted blankets often helps those with Autism and associated Sensory Processing Disorder by providing soothing weighted blanket sensory input. Other than using at night these weighted blankets are also ideal for any sensory room, classroom or for calming sensitive situations in your own home. They are an effective therapeutic solution, helping sensory seeking children and adults calm their body, helping aid a peaceful nights sleep. The extra weight can help to relieve anxiety and stress. Made with soft tactile velour fabric. Made in the EU.

These blankets have a zipped / removable outer cover to make washing much easier.

The outer cover is 100% polyester and the inner cover is 100% Cotton.

Weight: 9kg

Size: 150cm x 200cm

Colour: Grey / Grey

Also available in: 3kg Small 90cm x 100cm, 4 kg Medium 100 x 150cm, 5 kg Large 150 x 200cm, 7 kg Large 150 x 200cm, 9 kg Large 150 x 200cm

When choosing a weighted blanket the general rule is 10% of the body weight. 

BLANKET WEIGHT                          BODY WEIGHT               

3 kg - 6.6 lb                                       30 kg - 4.7 st

3.5 kg - 7.7 lb                                    35 kg - 5.5 st

4 kg - 8.8 lb                                       40 kg - 6.3 st 

4.5 kg - 9.9 lb                                    45 kg - 7 st     

5 kg - 11 lb                                        50 kg - 7.9 st

7 kg - 15.4 lb                                     70 kg - 11 st

9 kg - 19.8 lb                                     90 kg - 14 st

Safety and careful monitoring is a priority. This weighted blanket should be used at the direction of a professional therapist or by a caregiver who has been advised and trained in its use and application.

If the person using the blanket suffers with any medical condition please seek medical advice before using weighted blankets. 

Please always use under an adult supervision.