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Fidget Toy Set - 16 Piece Set

Fidget Toy Set - 16 Piece Set

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A larger version of our very popular Fidget Toy Set containing sixteen unique fidget toys suitable children and adults with autism, ADHD, and additional needs. 

This stylish set is compact and easy to take out and about. Each toy fits perfectly in your hand. Fidget toys are great stress relievers for anxiety and sensory needs. Simply play, squeeze, stretch and flip these fidget toys to help you focus and keep your hands busy. This fidget toy kit is ideal for use in schools and sensory rooms. 

Each set contains:

  • 1 x Infinity Cube
  • 1 x Fidget Pad
  • 1 x Fidget Marble Toy
  • 1 x Twister Blocks
  • 1 x Fidget bean
  • 1 x Push Popper - Rainbow
  • 1 x Push Snapper - Rainbow
  • 1 x Push Snapper - Coloured
  • 1 x Puzzle Ball
  • 2 x Fidget Tracks
  • 2 x Stretchy String
  • 2 x Push Popper Key Chain
  • 1 x Stretchy Caterpillar 

Suitable for ages 3 years plus 

Colours may vary from the image shown, if you have a prefer a certain colour please either add a note on your order or drop us an email and we will try to accommodate your request subject to availability.